Networking Internationally: Transcultural Exchange Conference

In two days I met individuals from over a dozen countries and our goal was common: to learn about international art opportunities and freely exchange information. I had the pleasure of speaking at TransCultural Exchange's 2013 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: Engaging Minds on October 10-13, 2013. 

This biennial conference is organized by dedicated individuals who run the "award winning 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and educational programs at our home base in Boston and throughout the world."  The director, Mary Sherman, tirelessly organizes this opportunity for a truly international experience.

I was one of the many professionals who came from all across the world to speak about artist residencies during the Pecha Kucha style presentations at Boston University. My short talk focused on opportunities for international artists, thinkers and curators in Ukraine. I write about those topics here on my blog.

Since learning about residencies can be challenging simply by researching online through (amazing) resources like ResArtists, hearing about them first hand is very illuminating. Below I will highlight a handful of my favorites:

Baer Art Center in Iceland
The Bridgeguard residency in Slovakia on the Danube
The Etching Center in Cabri, Israel
Cheng-Long Wetlands Environmental Residency in Taiwan
The Transart Institute in Berlin
The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center in Nepal

Laurie Anderson kicked off the conference with a keynote speech, there were some incredible panels, a great talk by Reif Larsen, and I conducted portfolio reviews alongside many other smart folks. The conference was jam packed with information and most of all with networking. Over coffee, in between sessions, during lunch and even in line at the salad bar there was open discussion and friendly, productive dialog. Go in 2015! You won't regret it.