Electrician Youtube stars

With all of the negative and scary news coming from Luhansk, it is interesting to see these pretty hilarious and well-made videos from two Luhansk electricians. (You can donate money to them if you want via their channel.)

"Pavlo is employed by the local internet provider. Oleksandr repairs household appliances. This is why there is sufficient technical material for shooting... Oleksandr and Pavlo shoot the videos after work — each session can take several hours. The most complex part of the project, however, is the editing. 'Sometimes viewers write us saying that this is impossible, you must have edited this in. But we never falsify our experiments,' Pavlo says," according to this article from Euromaidan Press.

 I highly recommend watching all of the videos on kreosan's YouTube channel, but here are a few of my favorites.

Microwave energy magnetron:

This one (about the effects of a microwave on cds and soap) published on September 7th shows the surrounding areas of Luhansk and ends with the guys underground with definite unrest above them:

"How to make a high voltage generator 15 minutes" minutes shows us the interior of a Luhansk home as well: