The Open University of Maidan

Though the crowds on Maidan in Kyiv have dissipated there are still so many actions and events during that time that are important to remember. Perhaps they can serve as launching points for future demonstrations or as inspiration for complacent communities. 

One of these actions was The Open University of Maidan, still with a very strong and active Facebook page. "Started by the faculty and staff at the Kyiv School of Economics (which was co-founded by a consortium led by Eurasia Foundation), Open Maidan University is offering free, graduate-level lectures to the Ukrainian public on the square.... In the month since Open Maidan University (OMU) began, thinkers, business leaders, and academics have delivered a hundred lectures on everything ranging from how to reform the constitution to how legislation works, how economies function, and the power of free speech in society," states this article on

Image taken from  this article  on Maidan Translations

Image taken from this article on Maidan Translations

It's incredibly inspiring to me to know that Ukraine's smart and motivated community turned to knowledge and learning to empower themselves.