A self-portrait my studio sometime in 2017. 

A self-portrait my studio sometime in 2017. 


I am a portrait photographer, artist, and creative community builder based in Buffalo, NY by way of Rochester, New Paltz, Paris, Boston, Brooklyn & Kyiv. I am so happy to have landed in this beautiful city.

Like many artists, I wear many hats and all of my project statements are below. 
If you'd like to get in touch in any capacity, feel free to email me at awenglowskyj@gmail.com.


Andrea Wenglowskyj was born in Rochester, NY and works and lives in Buffalo, NY since 2015 after living and working in Brooklyn, NY for almost a decade. She has her Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has exhibited her art work nationally, and was a 2011 Fulbright Fellow in Ukraine, where she researched the country's contemporary art scene.  In 2012 she co-founded, DELVE, an educational and community building platform for artists and creatives with the talented artist Sara Jones. She is an organizer for CreativeMornings/Buffalo.

Portrait Photography Mission

Chances are, I would love to make a portrait of you. The natural feeling to have a camera in my hands along with my love of getting to know new wonderful humans is one of my favorite combinations. My vision is to provide a bright, inspiring, natural way to tell your story and share your face with the world. There is so much power in a photograph and my goal is to represent you with confidence and clarity.

Each of my shoots involves spending time together on-location, learning about one another and pausing quite often to take pictures of you. I will probably ask you a lot of questions and I hope we’ll laugh a lot. Creating an enjoyable photography experience is the best way I know how to create genuine images.

Whether you are a professional in need of a portrait, or wanting to document your beautiful family, I am here to help. See some professional portraits here and some family sessions here. 

Artist Statement

My photography-based art work explores ideas of home and belonging, collectivity, and the responsibility to maintain or break tradition, rule, and ritual—especially to understand the power and motivations of a collective group. Each of my projects is sparked by a personal connection to a location or event, often part of my past or Ukrainian-American heritage. After quiet, lengthy observation, the visual results often yield a sense of fractured belonging and a tension between familiarity and strangeness.

A good place to get started with my art work is here: my ongoing project of a Ukrainian-American summer camp.

Community Building

I cultivate my love of teaching, planning events and building community through two projects, since I’d be lost without the inspiration of my peers and heroes.

First is DELVE, a platform specifically to help fine artists articulate their work and achieve their professional goals through events, workshops, online classes and conversations. Sara Jones and I are very excited to be organizing events in 2018 in NYC, Buffalo and beyond.

I also help to organize CreativeMornings/Buffalo with an amazing team. We host breakfast/speaker events the second Friday of each month in Buffalo. It’s free, it’s inspiring and I am so proud of the work we are doing. I also did a talk in 2017 so you can watch that here.