Waiting for Yaya

When my daughter was 6 months old, we found a wonderful babysitter, Lexi. As my girl learned to talk, Lexi was given the nickname Yaya. So on the mornings of Yaya's arrival, Ellie waits for ages at our window screaming, "IS YAYA HERE YET?" And it's the best.


Intentions of Morning People

I love being part of CreativeMornings/Buffalo. For the July 2018 event the theme was Intention, with the amazing speaker Myron Glick of Jericho Road. I offered a portrait for any willing attendee. All these amazing faces showed up!

A trick I often use when photographing someone is to ask them to close their eyes for a moment. This softens the gaze and can assist with a more natural expression. With the theme of the event in mind, I asked each participant to focus on an intention he or she had for the moment, the day, the month, or the year. And when he or she was ready, eyes opened and I captured that moment of intention.

I was fiercely impressed with the willingness of strangers and friends alike to share that moment with me. You are all inspired. See everyone up close here.

Time Capsule at Grindhaus, July 2018

In my 20s I worked at this amazing shop in Boston with some of my best friends. Looking back, it was a pivotal moment in my life. I met my future husband when I worked there and we all look back on those days with the acknowledgement that we as women together lifted each other up and made each other stronger.

A friend introduced me to Grindhaus, a special cafe in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo. I was invited to show some of my photography, but immediately I wanted to document the faces of the women working here. Women owned, female empowered, and so achingly cooler than I ever could be, I quickly witnessed a fierce community. Selfishly, it reminds me of a different time of my life, and I wanted to create a time capsule for them to show how beautiful they all are at this moment.

Thank you Megan, Ari, Bella, Nicole (LJ) & Vanessa.