3 Reasons to Have Family Photos Done


Something to hold, gift, and treasure.

I absolutely treasure photographs of our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. It’s incredible to see the resemblances and hear family stories. Though we are all taking family shots and videos with our phones everyday, how many do you want to print and hang on the wall or gift to friends and family?


Parents deserve to be in the photos, too.

Moms and dads are always behind the camera. Us moms, especially, rarely get in there with everyone. But those are the images that will hold the deepest meaning for our kids as they get older.

It could be that the next few years bring a lot of change, like new jobs, new homes and new cities. Creating a visual diary through family photos is a beautiful way to document not just growing up, but the inevitable process of life.


All the cliches are true.

They do grow up so fast and there is no time like the present. Am I right?

Your house will never be neat enough, the kids might be fighting, and dog might have puked right before the photographer shows up but guess what? That’s real life. And that’s never apparent in the final results. It just makes a good story in the end.

Plan now and reserve a day this year to schedule your family photo session. Do you have a family reunion coming up? Or a visit from the grandparents? Or do you simply want to document life in the present moment, get in touch and we’ll make a plan. Email me or fill out the form.