Time Capsule at Grindhaus, July 2018

In my 20s I worked at this amazing shop in Boston with some of my best friends. Looking back, it was a pivotal moment in my life. I met my future husband when I worked there and we all look back on those days with the acknowledgement that we as women together lifted each other up and made each other stronger.

A friend introduced me to Grindhaus, a special cafe in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo. I was invited to show some of my photography, but immediately I wanted to document the faces of the women working here. Women owned, female empowered, and so achingly cooler than I ever could be, I quickly witnessed a fierce community. Selfishly, it reminds me of a different time of my life, and I wanted to create a time capsule for them to show how beautiful they all are at this moment.

Thank you Megan, Ari, Bella, Nicole (LJ) & Vanessa.