The series, Worried Standing Still, is an engagement with the formal constraints of my camera’s frame and the emotional impulse to make an image only during solitary times of travel and wandering. Each photograph was quickly captured on a roll of medium format film captured before, during, and directly after a year-long trip to live in Ukraine alone. I create new compositional relationships between simple visual elements and charged spaces of introspection and personal longing.

The deliberate act of quietly exploring with a cumbersome camera, waiting for the film development, scanning negatives, and the digital post processing and printing is my time-based photographic performance. The waiting time during film development allows me to dismiss prior emotional connection to the space, in order to clear my head and create the image titles that intimate my intuitive, and perhaps illogical, reasons for releasing the shutter at a given moment. The photograph produced invites a visual experience that echoes the image’s creation, allowing for the free play of ambiguity and a space for meditation.